Download A Copy Of Your Daily Call Report

Why You Need A Daily Call Report

  • Track Your Leads – It can help you to see how many new leads you’re getting per week and how many are existing clients.

  • Measure Marketing ROI – It helps you to identify which of you marketing channels have the best enquiry to booking rates.

  • Staff Coaching – It helps you to identify which team members are converting enquiries at a higher rate and coach underperforming staff .

  • Collaborate With Your Entire Team – Google docs allows numerous team members to be working on a live document at the same time, you can also manage who can view and edit these documents

  • Follow Up Unsolved Leads – Without having a system in place to follow up unsolved leads, how else will you be able to continue to follow up?


There are so many advantages of have a Daily Call Report. For those of you who have used a CRM before, you will understand the importance of tracking the entire lifecycle of your clients, not just after they have booked in to visit your practice. Many CRM systems are time consuming to setup and train your staff to use, this is why we encourage all our clients to use this simple template in their business
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